ChiroSign - Professionally Managed Digital Signage for Chiropractors

Digital Signage for Chiropractors

Grow your traffic and improve your patient experience with digital signage. We offer a fully managed solution so you don't have to worry about designing ads and can focus on what really matters; your patients!

Setup only takes minutes. We'll provide you with the ads and the player hardware. Simply plug it into your TV, enter your WiFi password and you are good to go.

You will automatically receive new, professional ads each month.

A Fully Managed Solution

Most offices don't have the time or skill needed to create new, professional content on a regular basis. So the content becomes stagnant, or worse the quality of content drops. That's where we come in. Simply opt-in to the types of ads you wish to display and we'll make sure the screen stays fresh and professional.


We believe in simple, clear pricing. For the flat rate of $34.95, here is what you get:

All the hardware you need at no extra charge. Just connect it to our TV.
Professional promotions for your products, service and social media accounts.
Content is continually updated and kept fresh.
Right to cancel at any time. Just return the player.
Ad free experience
Ability to upload your own image or video ads.
Ability to sell screen time to others businesses.
A dedicated account rep that you can contact for anything you need.
Price $34.95/mo
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How Should Your Patients Spend Their Wait Time?

  • Skimming Through Magazines?
  • Checking Their Phone?
  • Growing Bored and Frustrated?
  • Learning More About Your Business!

ChiroSign helps to educate your patients, drive additional sales, and keeps patients entertained and happy while they wait for their appointment.

What Can ChiroSign Do For You?

ChiroSign easily pays for itself. Here are some of the benefits it provides:

Patient Education

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Improve your patients' understanding of their treatment and reduce questions with educational videos showing the source of issues, how treatment is performed and at home care instructions.

Increased Online Reviews

Online reviews are how many first time patients find their chiropractor. Although most patients love their chiropractor, few take the time to leave online reviews. Our videos show patients how to leave reviews on Google and Yelp and ask for their help.

Improved Patient Mood

Patients are often bored in waiting rooms. Our videos are captivating, providing a focal point for attention while helping to answer many questions your patients currently have.

Increased Referrals

Many patients are unaware of the variety of conditions that chiropractors can help with. We not only request and thank patients for their referrals, but also educate them on other conditions you can treat which can often bring a friend to mind.

Increased Patient Retention

Our videos educate patients on the need for multiple visits and the importance of completing their treatment plan.

Increase Social Media Interaction

We offer customized videos promoting your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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